Sunday, 13 May 2012

What Was That You Said?

These have all been said to me in the last 2 weeks.

MS is worse than ME” – from someone whose friend has MS and is “so ill” (my phrase) that she can take her dogs for long walks, work part-time and go on holidays to South America.  I’d love to be that ill.

Now I know how you feel.  It’s alright for you though, because you’re used to it”.  Yes, even finding talking exhausting and not being able to do anything for 2 months is, obviously, far worse than not being able to do those things for 36 years.

I know how you feel now” (Do you detect a theme here).  This from a friend who I was making lunch for, and making sure he had books, medication, radio etc whilst in bed recovering from an operation.  The same friend who used to think it was clever to take me out and deliberately make me ill.  Yes, really.

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